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 hey tech fans lets get together.

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hey tech fans lets get together. Empty
PostSubject: hey tech fans lets get together.   hey tech fans lets get together. EmptyMon Mar 31, 2008 2:25 am

Live chat March 31st, 2008 8p.m, show starts at 9p.m will be from Barnacles in Alpharetta. Come on down and join us for $.25 oysters, shrimp, and wings! For directions, just put in your address after hitting link below.

Pre-Game for the friendly debate, we all can hangout and agree on one thing the future is good for GT!

Live chat April 2nd, 2008. Listen as Rowdy Rhodes and Belligerent BeeBad go toe to toe in an all out debate about the Chan Gailey era... Rhodes is a Chan Gailey supporter and Beebad is fanatical Gailey hater.... Listen in as stingers clash in the argument of a lifetime!!!!!

Hopefully I will see you guys there!

Cant make it? Listen to it here...

Adamm Oliver a.k.a Machine
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hey tech fans lets get together. Empty
PostSubject: Re: hey tech fans lets get together.   hey tech fans lets get together. EmptyWed Apr 02, 2008 9:29 pm

Does BeeBad sometimes go by the name of "m"? If so, he is the most stupid Tech fan (Or any other fan) I have ever seen or read. Chan Gailey may not have been Bobby Dodd (who was?), but he put out an competitive team, with fewer five and four athletes than most of his opponents. Two years ago, take away three plays (a crazy fumble that most players thought the play was over and was run in for a td, a pass that would have set up a td or field goal that was dropped by the best wide receiver in the country, and an on-side kick that hit the back of a Tech player and was recovered by WVU and changed the whole game around. That's three games that could have or should have gone Tech's way -- you could call it bad luck. The "m's" of the world nd BeeBad will say that they didn't go Tech's way and they are right. But none of those were because of the coach. This crap about the worst coach in the history of NCAA football is so incredibly stupid that I really must wonder if it isn't from an UGA fan having a bit of fun with us true Tech fans.
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hey tech fans lets get together.
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