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 Machine, I don't know if you knew DJ Donley very well ...

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PostSubject: Machine, I don't know if you knew DJ Donley very well ...   Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:19 pm

... But, if you did, call him and tell him he's making a mistake and that he needs to come back to GT.

AJC reported he's transferring to Purdue ... I don't get it Question

Get some of his buddies to call him up and talk some sense into him.

I wish him luck, but I just think he'd be better off at Tech (in my totally unbiased opinion Wink ).
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PostSubject: Donley & Other Athletes   Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:27 pm

Why should anyone try to tell Donley he is making a mistake? He is only making a mistake in your mind because of your egotism that Tech is the best school for any athlete.

He may be making the best choice for himself and Tech. Reading between the lines, it appears he wants to play as a wide receiver on a more traditional passing team. It appears he wants to be a preferred receiver in the mold of a Calvin Johnson.

If this is his desire and he will not be happy at Tech in the new offensive system or playing defense, then the best decision for everyone is for him to move on to a school where he can follow his goals.

If he remained at Tech and his heart was not in it, then he would be detrimental to Tech. His frustrations would rub off on some other players and cause some dissension in the program. Any coach knows this and will not attempt to push a player to stay in the program if his heart is not in it.

Other receivers will step up at Tech. We are not even sure he would have won the starting job as the wide receiver. This is a different coach with different objectives. It appears Donley does not want to play on the defensive side of the ball. I would guess his long range plans of playing pro ball has made him look at the brutal punishment a defensive back has to exert in the pros to bring down some of their runners and cover the superb receivers in the pros. He might prefer to get into the pros through the wide receiver route rather than as a defensive back.

If he does not feel comfortable with his role at GT, then he is making the correct decision for himself and Tech. I am sure Coach Johnson will agree.

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Machine, I don't know if you knew DJ Donley very well ...
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