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 GT Insider Info......

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GT Insider Info...... Empty
PostSubject: GT Insider Info......   GT Insider Info...... EmptyTue Apr 15, 2008 8:09 pm

I just got off the phone with Tyler Davis and was able to ask him a couple of questions that were asked during last nights show that we were unable to answer:

Have the new uniforms been unveiled? Tyler says no.. not yet. They have not been given the opportunity to see them... however, rumor is/ and he believes that they will be Retro (just like Miami)

How is Nesbitt? Will he be playing Saturday? Tyler says that Nesbitt is doing good.. however, he is unsure whether or not he will be playing on Saturday because he hasn't been able to practice. However, Tyler is hoping he will be able to.

Tyler did also fill me in however that Jaybo Shaw was at practice yesterday... not sure yet what CPJ had to say to him... but I promise to find out soon

I am going to be hanging out a little with Tyler tonight and will pick his brains a little bit more (I didn't have much time to chat with him earlier because he was at the library when I called him...) to see if I can get you some more in depth info... also remember however, that he will be on the show tomorrow night so get your questions ready!

sidenote: There was also the question about what kind of advice is CPJ doling out to the centers and QB's re: fumbles in practice? (I will get that question answered tonight as well.....)
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GT Insider Info...... Empty
PostSubject: Uniforms   GT Insider Info...... EmptyWed Apr 16, 2008 5:19 am

"Retro (just like Miami)"

I would think he means Virginia 06' throwback Thursday helmets.

I think most Tech fans loved those helmets and would be very excited to have those as our helmet for the season. I also hear that we will probably keep the traditional Gold helmet white GT. 2 helmets were too costly to keep around in 06', which is why they had to sell them at auction after the game (I'm sure they actually made money on that ordeal) but I would assume with us resigning with Russel, that this was part of the deal for them to step up and provide 3 jerseys and 2 helmets for 08'. From what was being said on the Hive, Russel is going to use us as a launch pad to get their name back out there as a big name apparel line, so I would assume with that in mind, they would be willing to do whatever the team ask to keep that relationship with GT strong.
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GT Insider Info......
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