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 Adamm in the Macon paper

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Adamm in the Macon paper Empty
PostSubject: Adamm in the Macon paper   Adamm in the Macon paper EmptySat Apr 26, 2008 9:37 am

Well the entire lot of possible Tech draftees are in a little article with the Dawgs. It list the 9 possible Tech drafties and the 8 possible ga draftees. Of the 9 we have they only list Bell and Tums as being undrafted. 5 of the 8 dawgs are listed as undrafted. Macon will go out of it way to make it look GA has just as many players that will be drafted.. Amazing...anyway the point of it being under Adamm's name is says that he has been working really hard and that he has started his own website to promote himself. What web site?????? You mean one of the top blog talk radio web sites... cheers

Projection is 7 or undrafted. Lets hope for the 5th or 6th, but 7th ain't bad..

ps does anyone no how to get spell checker to accept the correct spelling of dawg. surely all those heathens spell it right...
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Adamm in the Macon paper
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