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 Thursday Practice Report 8/14/08

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PostSubject: Thursday Practice Report 8/14/08   Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:00 pm

Thanks to popular demand and a special request by The Machine, I will now start posting my practice reports here.

Today started off nice and overcast, but by the half way point through practice, the temperature started to rise. Boy, the sun was hot.

1. Full pads and helmets, Earls, Watson, Gardner, and Nesbitt still out, it does look extremely likely though that Nesbitt and Gardner will return to practice here in the next day or two, no new injuries to report. Smile
2. They started off with some special teams and nothing real spectacular happened, I couldn't really tell who was punting and no punts really stood out, most of the punts looked fine.
3. They then divided up into unit drills and were that way for a while, they then started the first scrimmage, Jaybo took the snaps with the first string and Dykes, Booker, and Washington split up time between the second and third string, Jaybo looked good against all the defenses, he didn't do anything great, but he did make the right reads and pitches, there was one really good receiver reverse that ended with Melton about 15 yards down field, Dykes really struggled in the scrimmage, not quite sure if it was all his fault though, the defense did penetrate the line rather well, he did make a couple of bad pitches, reads, and decisions that led to turnovers and fumbles, the highlight of the first scrimmage though was when Booker, who had been primarily put into pass for the last couple of plays, took the snap and ran for a huge gain with nobody on his tail, he could have taken it 80 yards had the coaches not blown the whistle (no for penalties, just to stop the play), he had his hands up in the air in celebration and everyone was cheering and clapping! Very entertaining!
4. The first string offense and defense then split up to work on goal line situations, they worked on this quite a while with the first string offense running plays against the third string defense and the first string defense going up against the third string offense, no tackling, just reading and executing.
5. The second scrimmage of the day revolved around the five yard line and the goal line, I have got to admit that the defense started off pretty well only allowing a yard here and there, but the offense (first and second string) really got going, Dykes had a great pass to a receiver in the endzone that was wide open, Jaybo had an amazing run against the first string defense for a touchdown, he was jumping over people and pushing his way forward, the offense then had a couple of really good toss sweeps to the A-backs that ended in touchdowns, the defenses had a couple of good moments, but the offense ruled the second scrimmage.

Forgot to mention that they did some passing drills today. They looked okay passing, nothing real special though. I am getting more and more impressed with our offensive line and Jaybo. The blocking is looking better each day and Jaybo is showing great poise and control. It wasn't a great day for the defense, but they did have some highlights like when Cooper Taylor made a great break on a pass to break it up during 7 on 7s.
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PostSubject: Re: Thursday Practice Report 8/14/08   Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:58 pm

The magic of cutting and pasting.....

I think bbuzzoff and MTM and Stingtalk should merge.....the hive...thats for people who like the band and the blue the baton twirlers THATS a UNIFORM fowl!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Thursday Practice Report 8/14/08   Fri Aug 15, 2008 4:05 am

Great reports Dude. I've been reading them over on BBz, but its nice to see you post here. I'm happy to hear that Jaybo is able to run the offense, because I think we'll need him. I've watched PJ's offenses at Navy for years, and there is no doubt that one productive and healthy QB is not enough.

2 years ago Brian Hampton went down with a knee injury, but Kaipo filled in without much of a dropoff. Last season, when Kaipo got hurt, the mids struggled because his backup (and I can't think of the name right this moment) was a speedy dude, who could take a hit... but virtually useless in the passing game.

I think you'll see PJ rotating the 2nd string QB in frequently, in order to take some of the wear and tear off of Josh. And it looks like that's gonna be Jaybo.

Keep up the good work. I really wish I could get to a few practices, but its a ten hour drive from my house. Cool

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PostSubject: Re: Thursday Practice Report 8/14/08   Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:21 pm

How much has our 1st team D practiced against a conventional offensive set? I think the AJC said that we were starting to practice against some Jax St sets (scout team).
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PostSubject: Re: Thursday Practice Report 8/14/08   Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:09 pm

Thank You Dude!! Nice Report!!
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PostSubject: Re: Thursday Practice Report 8/14/08   Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:06 pm

I think we'll see less of Jaybo in the big games because you need your A team in there against VT, BC, etc. You know, QBs get microanalyzed when getting hit but defensive players of the same size make hit after hit and nobody seems to mind. Nesbitt has an attacking persona, I watched him play in high school and got a ball signed to me, his number one fan.

It made my season when he signed with us and then he was WASTED by Chan Gailey.

Think he'll end up breaking Joe Ham's rushing record? I do. And making a run at the top 5 in passing as well. I think we'll see maybe 180 yards a game passing, about what we've had in recent years but with maybe half the passes.
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PostSubject: Re: Thursday Practice Report 8/14/08   

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Thursday Practice Report 8/14/08
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