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 The official, unofficial season predictions post

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The official, unofficial season predictions post Empty
PostSubject: The official, unofficial season predictions post   The official, unofficial season predictions post EmptySat Aug 16, 2008 12:47 pm

Jax St. - W

CPJ doesn't get too fancy, DL 'blows up' Perriloux (he asks to speak to his mommy after the game), but we have too many mistakes to make this a bonifide blowout.... 27-10

BC - W

Battle of two good D's, BC's has more overall experience but the primary difference in this game turnover for a BC score.....but our young offensive talent is better than BC offensive talent, and despite the turnover, CPJ and team take their first big step....... 21-17

VT - L

Most of our players have not been to Blacksburg....the DL has a great day but our young secondary doesn't get it done and Beamer ball makes the difference....28-13

Miss St - W

Another great Defensive game, in the first half, but CPJ hates to lose and this is at home. The O responds, learns from mistakes at VT. Is there a better way to learn than from mistakes? 31-19

Duke - W

How does this team handle success? In the recent past, not too well. This is CPJ and we are at home and this is...well.....duke.....41-14

Gardner Webb - W

1st string on both sides doesn't play the second half....55-7 (second O turns the ball over for a fluke TD)

Clemson - L

Tech is ranked 23 going into the game and Clemson is ranked 15....We don't blitz enough and our young secondary gives up too many big plays....First time our FR and So visit Death Valley.....but the O looks good.....31-28


CPJ hates to loose and we are at home.....48-10 Most complete game so far and our O is starting to really get it!!


We sneek back up to 25 in the rankings but FSU is better than most thought and is ranked 18. BDS is bedlam, national ESPN2 saturday night game, a game for the ages, CPJ outcoaches the criminoles and wins in double overtime...44-41....goal posts are nowhere to be found!!!

NC - L

Young players start to read press clippings and have first let down of the year. We go in ranked 19, but NC, as the home underdog, plays there best game of the year.....and our special teams costs us one...33-28

Miami - W

Sllip to 26 rank. We have plenty of time off to study Miami, we are at home, Thursday night under the lights, no way in hell CPJ and offense don't out score Nix and his offense.....35-21


We are 8-3 going in ranked 22, UGA ranked 5 with two losses and recent victories over KY and AUB. They are in the SEC Championship and still have an outside shot at NC. UGAG has two week to 'prepare' for our Offense. CPJ has a few tricks up his sleeve that he has been saving all season and we get out to a great start....21-14 at half. GT goes up 28-14 on our opening drive of the 3rd quarter.....can the streak be over? UGA goes into two minute offense and our young DB's simply can't stop them going up 37-28 (MJ blocks an extra point) with 7 minutes left in fourth quarter. GT gets first down on next possession but losses yardage on 1 and 10. 2nd and 14....A back motion to the open side of the field, 3O pitch to Roddy Jones with apparently no where to run......passes to Nesbitt who is wide open for a 68 yard TD!!! (remember Roddy is a hell of a baseball player out of HS) 37-35 with 4:30 left in the game, GT has two timeouts. UGA starts to drive the ball as they have most of the second half, but gets a little conservative trying to eat the clock....3rd and 3 from GT's 47. Pitch to Moreno towards Derrick Morgan. Morgan stuffs the lead blocker but Moreno appears to have open ground when AT Barnes over pursues the play and MJ come from behind to STUFF the play for no gain! UGA punts with GT having no timeouts. Touchback, GT ball on the 20 with 2:20 left in the game. GT's 1st play goes nowhere and on 2nd and 10 Nesbitt fakes the A back pitch, reverses field to pass and find a wide open LUCAS COX underneath on a crossing pattern for a gain of 29 yards!! CPJ has been setting this play up all season! Next play with only 1:36 on the clock.....Triple Option hand-off to Dwyer for 7! Ball on UGA's 44 with 1:14 2nd and 3, pitch to Roddy for no gain but out of bounds, 1:07. 3rd and 3. Triple Option, Nesbitt keeper for 9, 1st down on the 35, 54 seconds. Nesbitt fake pitch throw to Be Be in the end zone.....incomplete. 46 seconds Second and 10, Nesbitt pitch to Dwyer for a gain of 4, out of bounds. 37 seconds, ball on the 31, 3rd and six. Nesbitt back to pass, no where to go....scrambles to a pick up of 5.7 yards to the 25 yard line, clock stopped for measurment. Gt short by inches, Feild goal team runs on the field to try a 42 yard game winning field goal with 10 seconds left........Blair nails it with .02 seconds left......GT bedlam.....UGA gets unsportsman like conduct penalty for pushing Blair in the back. GT smothers kick-off....And your final score, Georgia Tech 38-UGAG-37!!!

Larry Munson calls his last game at UGA......

GT smears team in bowl game to finish.....10-3, but misses ACC championship game with 3 ACC losses.....

Recruiting off the charts.....2009!!!! MTM goes sindicated!!!!

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The official, unofficial season predictions post Empty
PostSubject: Re: The official, unofficial season predictions post   The official, unofficial season predictions post EmptySat Aug 16, 2008 3:42 pm


Nesbitt throws a 60 yard bomb to Bebe to start the season off on a good note... we're up 38-0 at halftime... starters go out the game midway thru the 3rd to let the 2 stringers get some pt. We win 55-3.

@ BC

Think this game will be somewhere in the low 20s high teens score. GT leads 13-7 at halftime, then Nesbitt takes over the game and going into the 4th qt its 20-10... then BC kicks a field goal midway in the 4th to be within 7 points but Blair hits a 32 yard field goal with 27 seconds left to put the game away and GT wins 23-13.

@ VT

I think we can beat them, but this early in the season, with a young team and in Blacksburg... doesn't sound like a good recipe. I think we'll be in the game all through out but in the end VT prevails... We lose 27-20.

Miss. St.

We come home from 2 tough ACC road trips to face a improved but offensively challenged SEC Miss. St. team. We lead at halftime 17-3... Dwyer and Nesbitt takes the game over in thei own hands... We win 31-13.


They will be improved... they can't get any worser... lol... they return 18 starters... 18 starters that started on last years 1-11 team. We win 52-10.


Didn't even know they had a football team. No comment. lol... we win 63-6.

@ Clemson

I expect this to be a down to the wire barn burner... Tied at 27 with 4 seconds left on the clock and Clemson hits a field goal as time expires to make up for last years 4 missed field goals against GT... Clemson wins 30-27.


They have some good LB's and 2 good running backs... thats its. They lost alot to the draft and in the offseason. Things aren't looking good for UVA and this could be Al Groh's last year facing the jackets as a cavalier. GT wins 38-10.


Good lord can we finally beat them? We haven't played them since 2003... everytime we play them we always find a way to screw up at the end of the game only to see us lose (kinda like our games with UGA the past 4 or 5 years). But this is 2008 and there's a new attitude in ATL and GT's on a mission. GT finally beats the criminoles 34-17.


Big deal so they return 18 starters... I'm not sold on UNC AT ALL... this might sound weird but they're overrated for a team that went 4-8 last year. And I don't care how many close games they lost... A LOST IS A LOST... no matter if its by 1 point or 50 points... it still goes in the L column. GT wins 27-10.

Miami, FL

Time for GT fans to say goodbye to MJ, Gardner, JWD, D. Richard, Anyaibe, Brown, and Walker and congratulate them on wonderful careers at GT and hopefully they'll make this a game to remember as this being their last home game at GT. Emotions will be at a all time high. GT owns Miami as of right now. GT wins 37-14.


First qt GT leads 10-3... halftime its tied at 17... Nesbitt jukes UGA's LB's out their socks and runs into the endzone like a escaped convict. GT up 24-17... Then Moreno runs for a 40 yard TD run to tie it at 24.... with 3 seconds left on the clock in the 4th qt and the game tied at 24, GT is about to attempt a 35 yard field goal... Blairs kick is up and good as time expires and GT wins 27-24... this ends UGA's MNC hopes after being undefeated heading into this game... the following week UGA gets stearolled by Auburn in the SECCG lol... what a season to remember for the jackets!

vs. Clemson (ACCCG)

Whats the 7 letter word I'm looking for? R-E-V-E-N-G-E!!!!!!! GT comes out swinging like Muhammed Ali and takes a 14-0 1st qt lead. Then Clemson fumbles on the one yard line and Derrick Morgan picks it up and runs it into the endzone from 99 yards away. GT up 21-0... End of the 3rd qt and GT leads 31-0... Starters go out the game and Booker comes into the game and throws a 56 yard TD bomb to Quentin Simms (I had to give Booker his moment for his all-about-the-team-spirit... and him being a senior this would make his career after all the adversity he's faced)... GT wins 38-7.

vs. West Virginia (Orange Bowl)

Rematch of 2006's Gator Bowl. White vs Nesbitt is a good qb dual with both being similar qbs. GT is up 14-10 at halftime... Midway thru the 3rd qt GT has the ball on their own 24 yard line and Nesbitt fakes a pitch a jukes a WV defender out his shoes and Nesbitt takes it to the house to make it 21-10... A chip shot FG by Blair to make it 24-10 to end the 3rd qt. WV closes the gap with a Noel Devine td to make it 24-17 with 2 minutes left to go... GT has the ball on 3rd and 3 on our own 45 yard line... WV thinks we will run the ball, well Nesbitt fakes the handoff and keeps it and finds BeBe on an island by himself for a 55 yard td (kinda like the game against Clemson in 2001 where Godsey found a WR on an island all by himself on 3rd and 1). GT wins 31-17. We're the 2008 Orange Bowl Champs!!!!!!!!!!

GT ends the season 12-2, 6-2 in ACC play, ACC Champs, Orange bowl champs, CPH named Coach of the Year... and GT ends the season ranked number 4. 2009 only looks better.
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The official, unofficial season predictions post
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